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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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Oh, and does engineering look like the brewery or did they build the concept engine room the film couldn't afford?
What little I've seen so far looked like the scenes towards the end of the film (where the warp cores are ejecting); that might have been the brewery too, but at least it wasn't as off-putting as the earlier scenes with the communications vats and the coolant pipe...

Definitely not the concept engine room.
I just saw a video on Youtube with the game's versions of the communications vats and the area where Scotty went through the pipes. They've tried to make it look more spaceshippy (different light fixtures etc), but the proportions look wrong. I guess they couldn't get beer factory blueprints and had to guesstimate the sizes of everything.

I really hope I'm gonna be able to play this! It looks more and more fun the more I see (and hear) of it.
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