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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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I have only seen the one Twilight episode with Shatner and the creature in the plane and considered it to be fairly bad. About The Outer Limits, I actually liked the 90s series quite a lot as a teenager and without having seen the original series I guess they are of roughly equal quality. But all these series are fairly rooted in their time. TOS is a total 60s and the new The Outer Limits is a total 90s show which prevents them from becoming timeless classics..
And you don't think today's shows won't seem dated or "rooted in their time" fifty years from now? "Ohmigod, Game of Thrones is so early-century . . . ."

It's all a matter of perspective. By coincidence, I was on the phone this morning with a friend who was talking up a classic James Garner comedy from the sixties.

"Sounds like a fun old movie," I replied. "I'll have to check it out the next time it turns up on TCM."

"It's not an old movie!" he protested indignantly. "It's in color."

"It came out over fifty years ago. It's an old movie."

"Oh, god, you're right . . . .")

(The really sad part? He's younger than I am!)
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