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When you get a sandbox like the Trekverse to play in, stick to the rules. Bend them if you must, us fans are willing to look the other way in case of minor or mid-sized infractions. It's this careless, indifferent "anything goes, who gives a f**k" attitude the writers seem to have that drives me up the wall and makes me yearn for the Trek "of old".

I guess I wouldn't be so bitter if we had a "proper" TV series doing what Trek is best at (character-heavy plays), and the action films were special events. Now all we have is this monster movie franchise, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Wrong thread, I suppose. But boy did it feel good to vent. I miss Star Trek so very much.
A couple things here:

1. The wonderful thing about universes based in science fiction is that there are no rules. People who complained about the 2009 movie being about Kirk and Spock and not "moving forward and further into the future of Trek" (which is a gross misunderstanding of Star Trek, IMO) now want the "old Star Trek" back. Which ties into my second point:

2. Star Trek had more than its share of the character-heavy, dialogue ridden stories with the crew sitting in a room to talk. It stopped being successful. And if you have any company with major money being spent, it wants a return. No return, no more product like it. Star Trek had to change, like it or lump it. And those who refuse to accept change are also ignoring another fundamental point of Star Trek, again, IMO.
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