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Re: Michael Okuda: Buy TNG Blu-ray sets to get DS9 on Blu-ray!

davejames wrote:
I really, really hope this happens, but I still can't help but think it's a long shot. Yeah I know, nobody expected TNG in HD to ever happen either, but it was also a huge, mainstream hit and is still showing regularly in syndication and cable.

DS9, as awesome as it is, has been pretty much forgotten by all but the most diehard fans, and it doesn't show on TV hardly anywhere. And I can't imagine CBS would want to put in all that money just for blu-ray sales alone...
The money isn't in physical media like BD anymore the real money to be made is online streaming like Netflix and downloads off of itunes and the like. I think that CBS will go ahead and remaster DS9 and VOY just to say they have the whole catalog in HD if nothing else, remember the broadcast tapes that DS9 and VOY are on aren't getting any younger. Yeah it will cost a lot to remaster DS9 and VOY but it will also coast a lot to shut down and restart a restoration project vs. just continuing.
NewHorizon wrote:
I'll keep buying the TNG: Blu sets if the quality stays up at Season 1 levels. Season 2 dropped considerably with the shoddy work by HTV:Illuminate. Season 3 looks good, I'll buying it as soon as it comes out, but Season 2 will be a bargain bin purchase...or used from someone. I refuse to reward poor quality like that.
The important eps like 'Q Who' and 'Measure of a Man' were all done correctly the sloppy work in season 2 was bad and I'm glad HTV got booted from the rest of the seasons so this won't happen again. I still think S2 is worth a purchase but at a discount.
MacLeod wrote:
Remember for the DVD releases they came in hard plastic shells.
You must be talking about the R2 DVD release, I see they re-released the different series on DVD in thin paks I wish R1 would get those instead of the cheap cardboard fold out cases that fall apart after you open them once.
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