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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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I have only seen the one Twilight episode with Shatner and the creature in the plane and considered it to be fairly bad. About The Outer Limits, I actually liked the 90s series quite a lot as a teenager and without having seen the original series I guess they are of roughly equal quality. But all these series are fairly rooted in their time. TOS is a total 60s and the new The Outer Limits is a total 90s show which prevents them from becoming timeless classics.

My point was rather that cinema seems to be in decline nowadays. Of course there are still good moviemakers and in indy cinema you can find many gems but there isn't another Hitchcock or Kurosawa on the horizon.
But on the other hand a lot of creative energy seems to flow into television. Game of Thrones has been mentioned and the best TV show ever, The Wire, ia also an HBO product. No idea whether this shift from cinema to TV will continue though.
I don't consider the original Outer Limits to be a classic. There were many excellent episodes, but many garbage episodes too. I call shows good when nearly all of it is good.

The new 90s Outer Limits was decent enough, but not really popular. I know they canceled the dvd releases in America because the first season didn't sell well enough.

The thing about "Game of Thrones" is that the best place for it is on cable, it is impossible to do as movies considering the length of the books. It is based on excellent written material. The fact that the production values, acting, writing, and effects are all excellent are an added bonus.
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