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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

The Booklet of General Plans: U.S.S. Constitution Class does indeed have fourteen starship names (and some numbers that have been assigned to them) on Page 1 of the Plans:

(You can see a little comment that that the Constitution is identifed as the "Class Ship.")

The legend on these blueprints also shows a "Model MK-IX" comment as well as a "Type: Heavy Crusiser" comment.

Although Greg Jein's article might not even have been written when Schnaubelt generated the list of Starship Numbers in September of 1973, Matt Jefferies' STAR SHIP MK-IX CONSTITUTION CLASS" screen diagram film clip might have already been making the rounds. It looks like Schnaubelt just grabbed twelve sequential numbers from 1700 to 1711--and then also listed the known 1017 and 1371 exceptions. Greg Jein attempted to shoehorn the various "known" Star Ship names into the numbers seen in "Court Martial," instead of generating his own numbers.
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