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Re: U.S.S. Vengeance from Into Darkness

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...I mostly like the nacelles. The rest I could happily dump along with the alien ships from Battleship, nu-Transformers, and every other sloppily over-detailed, garish, cheap-looking piece of photoshop design that has emerged from Hollywood sci-fi in the past 10 years. (luckily it won't impede my enjoyment of what sounds like another fun popcorn flick).
I'm glad someone else agrees that Hollywood has suffered from some really bad 'overdesigners' since 2KX. It's funny, if you look back at 90's design, it was all about looking sleek and organic. I'm thinking of varous Trek ships from this era, the Batmobiles, the Jupiter 2 and Robot designs from 'Lost in Space', Moya from Farscape and pretty much ALL the ships from Babylon 5. Moving beyond that, the trend now seems to add an INSANE amount of unnecessary clunk and detail. I think we both referenced 'Transformers' as a great example of that.
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