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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

My, but it's nice to see the rooms all laid out, however incomplete their final location may be
Seeing your work really takes me back to jig-sawing in all the Sickbay components myself a few years ago. I must get back to that sometime...

Anyway, comments:

I see you've integrated some of the chase sequence from LTBYLB into Deck 5 - liking the use of stairs as a starting point! Lokai would then run anticlockwise along the circular corridor before ducking down the straight corridor towards the Transporter Section (all good so far). However, in the episode he turns LEFT into the final straight corridor before entering the Transporter Room - in your setup, Bele and Lokai would be turning RIGHT. Or have I missed something?

Back onto the main function of Deck 5, I do like the way you've joined some of the Sickbay rooms together which vary then from the set layout. Are there going to be still more wards and examination rooms on Decks 6 & 7 though? That's a LARGE section of the ship given over to medical facilities - although things like life support and environmental engineering are related to medical needs, so I agree that including them near the Sickbay area is a good move.

Finally, it is good to see a solution for the JTB walk that Spock, McCoy and Kirk do at the beginning of the episode. However, are you planning to resolve the weird corridor setup that is used when Kirk has his fight later?
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