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But does he say his name is Khan or Khan Noonien Singh?
He evidently identifies himself as "Khan;" Spock Prime refers to "Khan Noonian Singh."

Which, BTW, is consistent with the way he withheld his full identity in "Space Seed."

I mean, I won't lose sleep over it either but it is disappointing. There are so many Indian actors that are perfect for the badass tyrant role, and we get Captain Britishguy WhiteMan?
Well, he was never positively identified as Indian to begin with. McGivers said "From the northern India area, I'd guess. Probably a Sikh." She was an historian, not an ethnologist. My impression was that he was Mexican.
lol Dennis, yes, a Mexican named Khan. Sure
I got a Japanese friend named Sullivan and a European-American relative named Wu. So?
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