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Saw it at Sydney premiere. I thought it was like a slightly weaker version of the '09 movie. I think of it as if they put Wrath of Khan, Nemesis, ST09 and Broken Bow into a blender and said go with it.

It had some fantastic scenes between Kirk and Spock that made the whole thing worthwhile, particularly the nods to Wrath of Khan. The crash into San Fran is spectacular. Benedict steals the show.

My favourite comedy beat from the film was when Kirk explicitly says to Chekov "Now go and put on a red shirt". Could have been incredibly dopey, but it worked for me somehow. Peter Weller has a model of the NX Enterprise on his desk, among other older Enterprises.

The music was fantastic, especially Khan's theme, and they do a great action packed version of Spock Prime's theme during the final chase section in San Fran.

I think it suffered from a lot of the complaints that people had about the latter era of Trek episodes too, namely:
Reset Button
Magic DNA
Convenient Transporter/Warp Drive Failures (every single action sequence)
Evil Starfleet Admiral TM

Other things that bugged me:
A round trip from Earth to Kronos (rather than Qo'nos) and back to Earth took 1 day. That's not right is it?
They refer to the Enterprise's "Aft Nacelle". Huh?
Getting Khan's blood and keeping him alive is a major plot point, even though McCoy has access to all 72 other super soldiers, who presumably also have magic blood.
Uhura can speak Klingon fluently when she can't in ST6 (I know, new timeline, whatevs).
The Klingons have odd external bones or metal in their ridges. For no apparent reason.
There's some kind of robot/android dude on the bridge with no explanation (he's pretty cool though)

This probably sounds pretty negative, but I did really enjoy the film. Some great action and some really touching scenes. However, there were parts of it that were as clunky as a run of the mill Enterprise episode. I just expected a little more.
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