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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

From what little I know about modern real world torture, it seems that the Americans these days believe that traditionalists from the middle east view women as so beneath them that it's comparable to rape to become forced to think of their female interrogator as an equal, not that actual preconcepts of equality actual mean anything once the real torture starts.

The problem with damaging the genitals with anything more invasive than blunt trauma is that, you have to pause the interrogation to render medical aid. The inquisitor has to decide before you start how valuable the information your interogatee has that you can skirt the line of killing this person when you just want to lightly damage them while forcing the not completely accurate conclusion that the pain they are feeling is intolerable.

Sodomy is an odd form of torture for man on man. Is it psychological or are you using an oversized phalli which is designed to wreck the anal cavity in a way that a penis never could. A homophobe can be chilled just from the thought of losing their bumginity which is complete weak sauce and may have been a device built into the ethnicity to create gentler potentials of torture. Regardless, sodomy quickly loses it's impact psychologically after certain thresholds have been demolished, and the sphincter quickly becomes receptive to anything smaller than a cucumber, and anything larger will just kill or hospitalize your subject, which is totally counter-productive.

Subjects were being completely broken at Gitmo (a couple years ago, before the press had a hissy fit.) just because the lads in charge were burning copies of the Quran in front of them. Apparently these terrorists would rather betray their cohorts than see another quran be burnt because you know it's more important to keep on gods side than your brothers in arms.

Feminizing a man through rape is childish, when the other tools at a torturous hands dehumanizes them. How can it be worse to be a female than be nothing? Obviously feminizing is a half effort, and maybe even a day in the park where the torturer can get maximum information from an idiot before they might have to become truly monstrous and cut some fingers off?

Cross dressing is not always punishable by death in Abu dhabi

There's an episode of Supernatural where they tied Rick Worthy (Who once played Noah Lessing and a Cyclon who Starbuck murdered without torturing) to a chair because he was the King of the Vampires and hammered rail road spikes through his hands until sang like a canary.

Dudes typecast.
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