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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

@ Zap Brannigan

If I recall correctly the Booklet of General Plans aka Constitution Blueprints didn't have the "MK IX" designation, it did not have a list of ships, but it assigned NCC-1700 to the USS Constitution.

In this case Jein might have been further inclined to assign NCC-1700 to the Constitution. He may have written his treatise earlier (before it got published) and sent it to Roddenberry from where it passed to Franz Joseph, who then adopted the "MK IX" in the Technical Manual on the pages illustrating the Enterprise starships. That's also where we have the Franz Joseph name listing with all the "17" prefixes and names.

There is no "MK IX" reference in The Making of Star Trek, only some Roddenberry statements dealing with the general use of "Mark" for the series (but not in the context for vessels).

@ Warped9

I think you are being to harsh. Kirk's "12 like it" statement in "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" suggested that there are only 12 starships identical to the Enterprise's appearance. The Making of Star Trek suggested (the way one could read and understand it) that Starfleet has only 12 starships (i.e. ships of the Starship Class).

Since the status display in "Court-Martial" explicitly said "starship" status, Jein correctly concluded (the way he read and understood it) that the numbers seen here must belong to the 12 starship names listed in TMoST.

Had that peculiar Jefferies production sketch (17th design etc.) been already published in TMoST back then, things probably would have taken quite a different path...

This would have meant that Kirk's statement in "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" exclusively referred to the 12 starships of the Enterprise Class while the "Court Martial" display would have also shown starships of the 16th design (presumably Constitution Class).

Interestingly, TOS-R left the door to that interpretation "open", suggesting Constitution Class starships underwent a refit or upgrade and "now" look like Enterprise Class starships. The one thing that obviously would have to "go" is "NCC-1700" for the Constitution...

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