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Re: Star Trek Needs a Gay Character and Here’s How to Do It

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In light of this, Star Trek's no longer got any excuse, any more than it would if it had a lily white cast. Fan arguments that they should "take it slow" or that "it doesn't matter" are throwbacks to a bygone age that most of the nation has already said "good riddance" to.
Or maybe to some it really "doesn't matter". I wouldn't be offended if there was a gay character on Star Trek, I'm not offended that there isn't. For the simple fact that I don't watch Trek for relationship drama or get wrapped up in which character is sleeping with which character.

At some point, live-action Trek will include a gay character and for me it simply won't matter as long as the character is well written. Trek Literature has had gay characters for, at least, a decade now (possibly closer to two). Admiral Krell, the gay Klingon was a well-written character and for me that ranks far above who he's screwing/who he's living with in a fictional reality. YMMV.
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