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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

I'm pretty sure there's no such reference in TMoST having read the book many times. And I've always thought Jein's reasoning to be way too fannish and simplistic. It doesn't wash for me that the chart in Stone's office is referring to only ships like the Enterprise rather other ships of other classes.

Bit by bit TOS' creators were trying to world-build something of a coherent universe "beyond the hull" so to speak. As war veterans they likely would have drawn from past and (then) present military experience and knowledge. It's not impossible, but I find it hard to believe their thinking would be so simplistic as Jein proposes with his assumptions.

Sadly no one is around who could tell us exactly what those visual onscreen references were meant to represent or even suggest. And I don't recall hearing of Matt Jefferies answering such a direct question either.
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