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When I am already thinking of ways that this film can be improved, that is for me not a good sign.

I think the writers for this film had a good beginning, which came from the comics. In one the comics, Captain Kirk investigates the disappearance of the Archon, and, in the process, gets the interest and attention of Section 31. Pike is tasked with keeping Kirk in line.

So, why not use this scenario for the film? Captain Kirk does some exploration, which leads to a confrontation with Section 31, who use the Augments to shut down the investigation, and, in the process, the Captain aligns with the Augments on a mutual interest to take on Section 31. In the process of the film, we see Kirk making the crew a family.

One of my favorite battles from the TV series was the battle between the Lakota and the Defiant. I think it would have been fantastic on a larger budget. The Defiant is closer to my idea of what a Section 31 ship would be like, than the Vengeance.
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