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Well, I was there last night. JJ didn't swear us to secrecy, but he did say that the mysteries were part of the fun and that we could help out by not spilling them all. It was a great feeling, sitting there in the cinema, still not sure when and if and how The Big Reveal was going to happen.
I wasn't trying to say that he didn't swear you all to secrey or that he didn't ask you guys not to spill any information, just that in 2009 he didn't say anything like that. I figure this movie was much more anticipated than the original and since this one does have more spoiler-ish information then it would make sense he would ask that.

In truth, at the 2009 premiere he didn't talk much at all. People were more interested in talking to the actors than to JJ. It almost seemed like JJ didn't really want to be there (have seen that with other celeberties at USO events in Iraq) but the rest of the actors (Cho and Pegg where not there) seemed to really enjoying interacting with us Soldiers that were there.
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