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But I swear I will laugh out loud in the movie theater if Mr. Lilywhite utters the dialogue "I am Khan Noonien Singh!" It's so silly it approaches Toby Stephens-as-a-previous-Korean-guy territory from Die Another Day.
Since Khan Prime is a genetic construct, surely his skin can be whatever colour his designers wanted? And ST II canonically shows that Khan's melanin goes quite pale when he's out of the direct sunlight, so if John Harrison has spent enough time in England to gain an English accent, he's also in the right place to not get a tan.

By the way,

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What if it goes zany and makes kirk age faster?
Just get him off Genesis. Oh.

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But maybe this one has gotten so much hype over the last year or so, he is asking people not to spoil it. I don't know, I only know what was (or wasn't said) in Kuwait in 2009.
Well, I was there last night. JJ didn't swear us to secrecy, but he did say that the mysteries were part of the fun and that we could help out by not spilling them all. It was a great feeling, sitting there in the cinema, still not sure when and if and how The Big Reveal was going to happen.
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