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Re: Daredevil back to Marvel Studios?

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Sean O'Neal, The AV Club:
In somewhat-related news, no one is fighting over the rights to Elektra. You can probably have them, if you want.
Hehehe. Well, Elektra is a derivative right of Daredevil; she reverted back to Marvel when he did. So did Bullseye. So did Kingpin. The focus is on Daredevil news because he's the headliner, but Kingpin is probably more valuable to Marvel given that he can be the bridge across their entire street level universe. They now even have Wilson Fisk to play with in their Iron Man and Captain America movies.

I don't believe that Spidey should be the focus of acquisition, though. Marvel needs Fantastic Four back so that they can get access to the Skrulls.

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