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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

I was kinda bored by the episode. I was hoping for more about how the different cultures lived and interacted with each other but nobody really discussed it they just bickered. I don't really like Datak, but I like his wife. She was probably the best thing about this episode. I loved the story she told to the McCawley girl.

I'm not really invested in the whole wedding storyline though. I usually like a bit of romance but we haven't really seen enough of the kids to invest any emotion into them yet. And the McCawleys...I don't know what it is but for me they just suck they life out of every scene they're in. Especially the father. I was really hoping that he would shoot Ben. It would at least be something different and give the show a bit of an edge but they had him back down.

I liked the little bits of the conspiracy story, but I'm a bit confused about the timeline. The ex-Mayor said that she was the only one alive who knew the rules of golf. But the main guy was only a kid when the aliens first came and there are people older than him, so it's hard to believe human knowledge of the old life got lost so quickly. Unless I'm reading too much into it and she was just making a joke about her age
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