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I see alot of the spoilers over at IMDB have been taken down or edited. I'm pretty sure they were probably true, but guess that poster was getting to much hassle.

I was at the Star Trek '09 premiere at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. There was a question and answer session afterwards and this is when I met Quinto and Urban (got photos with them as well...two really cool guys).

Anyways, JJ never once said anything about not revealing any spoilers to us at that premiere. But maybe this one has gotten so much hype over the last year or so, he is asking people not to spoil it. I don't know, I only know what was (or wasn't said) in Kuwait in 2009.

On a side note about spoilers, I was thinking of asking JJ how LOST would end durig the questions/answers session, but didn't because I knew he wouldn't say anyways.
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