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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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In HD, we can now see that the bridge displays at the end of STIV do indeed say "transwarp" as per the reproductions in Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise.
Oh? Where?

The texts look pretty incomprehensible to me.
I'm sure I saw it somewhere. Although until I can find where it was again (maybe a set photo?), disregard what I said.
Sorry, but not correct. Here's the story according to Shane Johnson himself (link to source page):

Johnson: The graphics were altered for the book...

...Mike Okuda served as a technical consultant for the book in its later stages, at a time just after the filming of ST IV had been concluded. It had been he who had created the bridge displays and panel graphics for the ship seen at the end of the film... I was finalizing the appendix of the book (the section that dealt with the new Enterprise), I contacted Mike by phone and asked whether or not the new ship was transwarp. He told me they hadn't really thought about it, since the ship had appeared only briefly on screen and the issue had not been touched upon in the script...

...I therefore took Mike's bridge display graphics and dropped in the "transwarp" line where appropriate, and he wrote the textual descriptions that were to be printed beneath each piece of artwork...
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