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Re: They let me go....

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I was never fond of Best Buy buying Future Shop about twelve years ago. Over the years they did seem to operate in a mostly hands-off manner, but I think trouble began to be in the offing when BB bought a lot of those (then) closed Circuit City stores in the States. After that there was the crash of '08 and BB seems to have been reeling ever since. BB of Canada started to hurt and then FS started to feel it.

It's going to be very hard to maintain decent staff morale after today particularly in a smaller store like mine and I suspect this has been happening in other stores as well.
I was one of the many laid off when Circuit City closed down in late 2008 (3 days before Christmas was the last day for my store) so I know how you feel. We found out in mid October '08 and it was just a devastating blow. I had been there for about 4 years so I can only imagine having been there for 13. The place had become a home away from home for me so it was rough to see it go.

If it helps, the job I went to after CCity closing was the place where I met my wife, and had they never gone out of business I never would have stepped foot in that store. Just something to think about if you need some optimism.
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