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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

If Tuvix had no individual rights, say like when Kally murdered Sharon in BSG, or the interrogation teams on Pegasus were expected to rape the Cylons to keep them down and under heel... I wonder if they would have raped the male Cylons too? because if it's part of the guidebook, since the female Captain was making sure this was happening to a "woman" she once loved, it was totally personal for Admiral Kane, but still it was clinical rape and not recreational rape in theory... It wasn't a very good theory which is Why Heilo and the Tyrol (accidentally) killed the rapist interrogator which started a civil war between Battlestars.

Could anyone have killed Tuvix at any point?

No consequences?

Kes could have shot him.

No trial, no jail.

Back to tilling the airponics bay as if nothing happened, the following day, because nothing happened because Tuvix was nothing.

Shooting Tuvix, is no different from turning off a hologram?

No rights to live means no protection from murderers and everyone is a murderer.

When slavery was en vogue, killing a slave would be a question of vandalizing some-ones property more so than murder, which means that rather than going to jail, you'd have to pay back the cost of the slave just like in a small claims court today, if you take a crow bar to someone's car windshield.


If Tuvix had tried to commit suicide would have have had to have gone to trial for the attempted murder of Tuvok and Neelix?
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