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I'm currently in Afghanistan. The job I do has me working with local nationals on a daily basis. Now granted this is A'stan and not India, but some of the LNs here are very white. Of course not as white as BC, but still, the skin color is not always going to be the same all over the place.

Now the terp I see ocassionaly in the mess hall that has "Khan" on his name tape...he's much darker (I still want to go up to him and yell KHHAAAAAAAAAAAAN! but I know I never will because it would only be cool in my mind )

I was disappointed yesterday in the spoilers I read, but the more I've thought about it the more I think this will still end up being a cool movie. BC is awesome (discovered him in Sherlock and was thrilled he was going to be in this) so I'm willing to overlook the whole "Indian" hertiage of Khan and just go with the flow.
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