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Re: New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage

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Of course, we make the choice to follow his laws, or not, that is the choice we must all make. It isn't about religion, or denomination, or any of that crap, it's about faith, it's about your choice to follow Gods laws. I'm not going to make anyone do anything they don't want to do, choice is yours.
If this is the right way to deal with things -to let people make their own choices, as God intended- then why the fight against marriage equality? Why the fight to enshrine in law prohibitions against what God wants me to decide on my own?

And if God wants us to make these choices for ourselves, why is it sad that these countries are allowing people to do so? Shouldn't it be a good thing?
Because, like so many other fundamentalists, he can't tolerate your making your own decisions without deferring to his god's religious authority. When they make statements like "God gave us free will," the implied predicate is "to choose him and no one else."

It is difficult to deal with a moral bigot, because such a person will always find themselves on the "right" side, regardless of how harmful it is to your life and liberty. Remember, he's saving you from yourself. Your evil, perverted, 'affront to god' self.

These are the types who can't wait to see their god's judgment. They spew false words of love, faith, compassion, and free will, but their ears itch to hear the damning words from their messiah cast you into eternal torment, because it will prove them right. Don't let them fool you. Fundamentalists have no interest in an aspiring humanity, they want to be proven right; and you either have to come to them hat in hand saying they were right, or pay for your sin of disagreeing with them. This is how their god thinks, because this is how they think. This is what they want. They accept this, they put a name on it, and they worship it. That is the hallmark of a fundamentalist; a bigot.
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