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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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^Didn't Janeway commandeer Tuvix's life to get Tuvok and Neelix back? If it was wrong for Tuvix to commandeer their lifes it was also wrong for Janeway to commandeer Tuvix's life? And yes it does matter if he was sentient, under Federation law he should have been afforded the same rights as any other living being. He after all had no say in his creation, you can't blame him simply because he existed.
No, look at it this way, when you return stolen property from a thief to it's original owner, you are not stealing anything. Tuvix's rights ended when the ability to restore Tuvok and Neelix was perfected. I am not blaming him for anything, I am saying that Tuvok and Neelix's claim to life took precedence over Tuvix's. Your body belongs to you and no one has the right to take it. These were not Tuvix's bodies, they had prior owners named Tuvok and Neelix. In this matter Tuvix has no rights. Again it doesn't matter if he had no say in his creation, that is completely beside the point. His humanity isn't in question, we are talking about bodies that didn't belong to him. Tuvix has no rights that supersede the rights of Tuvok and Neelix. Tuvok and Neelix didn't ask for the accident either, they are just as "human" just as sentient, and they have just as much "soul" as everyone else.

In fact IMHO the person most morally wrong was the Doctor, but I will concede that he was very young and probably not fully sentient at that time.

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^ Yeah.. that's why people are trying to dehumanize Tuvix in their arguments. Calling him an accident, Brit's statement of "his" so called life, apparently him not having a "title" to live. It's quite standard from a psychological point of view for people to do this to justify the death of someone in their own mind.
No that is a logical reasoning, born from a whole lot of life experience. It's not that people do not care about poor Tuvix, it just that they care more about Tuvok and Neelix. But if you care so much maybe you can volunteer to be an amalgamated person. One thing I know for sure, no one gets my body until I am completely done with it.
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