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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

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As for Shran? Well he's around a few episodes each season. If anything his next appearance is even more facepalmingly bland/angry than this one. But he eventually finds an equilibrium and manages to act badass with style without just being a roid rage junky.
Ah... Well, that's a bit of a shame. I love Jeffrey Combs, but I thought he was kind of wasted in this episode. I imagine it was probably pretty fun for him to play such a ruthless character for a change. But I like my villains with a little more charisma. And smarm. Don't ever skimp on the smarm.

And poor Hoshi. All the focus is on T'Pol, because she's the show's sex symbol. Am I the only one who thinks Linda Park is way prettier than Jolene Blalock? She has beautiful features. Blalock just looks weird and kind of not real. Her big nightcrawler lips are really distracting.
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