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I initiated contact with this person as soon as the screening wrapped because I knew they attended, not the other way around.
Actually, I only just realized this morning that it is one of my friends, who was sitting near nickyboy, Jean Prouvaire and me at the screening. Now I know what all the frenzied iPadding was all about!

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And to be fair we don't know what the casting process was like. But if they truly didn't even consider Indian actors, that's just lazy. And kinda dumb to be honest.
Actually, I recall an early interview where someone said they had a different actor in mind, but Cumberbatch's taped performance, sent to the casting people, blew them all away.

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Are they afraid that someone too brown as the villain is going to cause problems and turn away viewers? Is it just better to play it safe and whitewash Khan?
Montalban wasn't very "brown". Nor Indian.

Persis Khambatta was from India. And not "brown".
That's fair enough, but not even Indians from the furthest reaches of Kashmir are as white as Benedict Cumberbatch. In "Space Seed" Montalban had brown makeup to appear darker; in Star Trek II they probably said "screw it" and used Montalban again because he had previously played the role and was great (and by '82, a household name because of Fantasy Island).

If the character is just "Khan" and not Khan Noonien Singh, I guess they can whitewash him all they want. But if you have a second crack at casting a badass Indian guy, I would've thought in 2011/2012 they would actually look at badass Indian actors who can play great villains. But it seems that they first went to Latino actors and then Cumberbatch? Huh?

But like I's a non-issue now. The movie is made. But I swear I will laugh out loud in the movie theater if Mr. Lilywhite utters the dialogue "I am Khan Noonien Singh!" It's so silly it approaches Toby Stephens-as-a-previous-Korean-guy territory from Die Another Day.
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