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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

Well this episode does nothing to help Archer's fight record. (If I ever do a rewatch of Enterprise, I'm going to document his fighting record! ) As for the Vulcans in Enterprise... the term is Evil Vulcan Syndrome. It gets silly at times, but... it's nice they're not just the smart people with pointy ears in this one.

As for Shran? Well he's around a few episodes each season. If anything his next appearance is even more facepalmingly bland/angry than this one. But he eventually finds an equilibrium and manages to act badass with style without just being a roid rage junky.

As for communicating in Enterprise? It's a terribly complicated task that requires a specialist... except when it's inconvenient to the plot. It literally bounces back and forth to being hard and not. As for Hoshi's main role... you can literally count her grand moments from here on out on one hand. Her role is to sit on the bridge and look good in a mini-skirt... unfortunately that dress code won't be implemented for another 100 years. Maybe she can barrow one of T'Pol's catsuits?
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