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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

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I always like to think the people on Terra Nova are ancestors of Archer. Then it all starts to make sense. The xenophobia and the fact they get beaten so easily!
The "beaten" part is even funnier now that I've seen the next episode.

The Andorian Incident:

A fairly solid episode. I like that we're seeing a different side to the Vulcans; a much less honorable one. I could see die-hard Trek fans being upset over this, but I find it interesting. And it's not like Vulcans never lie. Even Tuvok lied about being an undercover Starfleet agent on a Maquis ship. If Vulcans believe it to be necessary, they can be devious as hell. (That's why I like them. )

Speaking of Tuvok, does anyone recall him ever complaining about the way humans smell? Or Spock? Because I don't. T'Pol is breakin' all kinds of rules.

I thought the Andorians looked pretty good. I don't remember them having all that business on their foreheads, but it's been a while since I last watched TOS. I found their paranoid hostility extremely tiresome, though. In the end, I suppose they had a legitimate reason, but the constant shouting and punching got on my nerves really quickly. Also, I guess I'm just used to seeing Jeffrey Combs playing characters with more humor and charm. Shran was just an angry little blue man. Apparently, though, he becomes a recurring character, if I'm not mistaken? So maybe he'll gain a little more dimension.

There was one scene that bugged me. When Trip was down in the catacombs and saw the three holes in the wall, why didn't he just go up there and look through them? Instead, we got a completely unnecessary scene of Archer getting the snot beaten out of him, just so he could toss that little figurine through one of the holes and confirm what everyone had already figured out. That was totally pointless.

Oh, and I'm guessing at this point that the writers have entirely given up on making communication with other species a challenge at all. Because either the Vulcans and the Andorians could all speak English, or the Enterprise crew somehow magically obtained a universal translator.

I'm no professional writer or anything, but even I know lazy writing when I see it. And almost every episode so far has had some pretty lazy writing. It makes me kind of sad that there are so many things they could have done with this show, so many great opportunities, and they just gave up on them. And so quickly, too.

...What, exactly, is Hoshi's function on the ship, now that there seems to be no need for a translator?
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