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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

I've probably only posted less than 5 times in here, I just wanted to ask a question. And I didn't want to start up a new thread, so I'm going to ask it here, hope no one minds.
Spoilers for:
I'm currently watching 3x18 - The Darkling
About 6 minutes in the Doctor says the following:
<span class="spoiler"><font class="small">Spoiler:</font><hr /><span>Doctor: I think I'm detecting a reaction to your recent breakup with Mr. Neelix..."</span><hr /></span>

Did I miss something, or is that it? If that's all, it's a bit weak hey?

Thanks for the information, and please don't spoil anything further than this episode. I was usually preoccupied while watching S1-3 because I find it a little boring, but I doubt I missed something this big.

Thanks again.
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