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And I mean, we know that they meant well and tried at least to hire someone Latino, however misguided that may be. But then they gave up and went with pale British white guy cliche. I'm sure Cumberbatch will do a great job and I'll do my best to ignore it, but why didn't they say, "Hey, this guy could be an Indian instead of a Mexican, right? We know and worked with a charismatic, attractive, athletic Indian gentlemen for years who would be perfect for the role." Couldn't they have looked to someone like Naveen Andrews who they worked very closely with on Lost and would've been great in the role? Are they afraid that someone too brown as the villain is going to cause problems and turn away viewers? Is it just better to play it safe and whitewash Khan?
It must've been a case of "We can get Benedict Cumberbatch?! Wow, let's go for him!" And to be fair we don't know what the casting process was like. But if they truly didn't even consider Indian actors, that's just lazy. And kinda dumb to be honest.

Ironically the actor who played Captain Robau in the first film would've made a fantastic Khan too.

Anyway, the film is made, it's a non-issue. But it's also a missed opportunity IMO.
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