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Re: Sydney premiere of "Into Darkness"! (no spoilers)

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1) how was the music/score? Any standouts?
I'm a Trek (and SF movie) soundtrack fanatic. I'd recently heard the John Harrison theme that was released on Youtube and that was nice and creepy. The callbacks to the previous movie's soundtrack were hauntingly appropriate. It really makes the previous soundtrack longer and more interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing the soundtrack in isolation, then revisiting the movie.

While awaiting JJ's arrival on the red carpet, we were inside seated, watching a big screen, with Twitter flow to the left. There was a song played through a few times, and I suddenly realised the chorus had the lyrics "... into darkness" in it. I'm assuming this song will be on the soundtrack? It was lovely.

2) how would you rate the whole thing on a scale of 1-10?
Tricky. My favourite Trek cinema experience is still ST:TMP, and is probably tied with ST (2009). This film was almost as wonderful as ST (2009); its banter between the characters is often better, and I was certainly on the edge of my seat several times. Moreso than the previous one.

But I cried in ST (2009)'s Kelvin scenes and only felt tears triggering with "Into Darkness". I imagine a few other fans may have been quite distraught at times, last night, but it didn't pull on my heartstrings the same way. Almost, but not quite.

In some ways, TMP and ST (2009) are 9 out of 10 for me, simply for the total absorption effect. This one is possibly an 8, on an equal footing with "Star Trek: First Contact".

As a SF thriller/action film - and I get quite bored by regular action films - "Into Darkness" had many, many moments that were a resounding 10.

Oh, and there were indeed some wonderful easter eggs from the IDW "ST Ongoing" comics! I must go through them and make a list!
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