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The State of Star Trek Literature 2013

Way overdue for the 2013 edition!

So let's see what we think:

1. How do you feel the Trek book line has done in the last 12-15 months?

2. More specifically, what have you liked in regards to the entire Trek book line in that time? What were your three favorite Trek novels in that time and why?

3. Now, what did you disliked regarding to the Trek book line of the last year or so? What were your three least favorite or disappointing books and why?

4. What new recurring trends or themes in the last 12-15 months have you picked up on?

5. What editorial decisions from the last 12-15 months have you like? Disliked?

6. What would you change in the Trek book line? Everything? Nothing? Be it production choices (artwork, type of book) or story editorial decisions?

Have at it! Enjoy!
Out of 4 stars:
The Light Fantastic: **1/2
One Constant Star: **1/2
Serpents in the Garden: **1/2
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