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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Can't assume facts not in evidence - we can only go by what the writers gave us ... not what they didn't.
And nothing suggests the Feds were the only ones giving up anything. It wasn't important to mention what the Rommies gave up, just the Feds side of things.

Your point being?
That the Feds responded in kind. They captured the Romulan tech and took a ranking officer captive. Arguably more damage done than what the Romulans did in Balance of Terror by wrecking some minor outposts.

Untrue. In "Balance of Terror" it is stated the Romulan ship ran on impulse engines and that the cloaking device took a lot of energy.
You misunderstand, when Balance of Terror was written the idea was the Impulse still meant FTL, just less than Full Warp Drive. The Romulan ship had FTL, that one ship just didn't have full Warp capacity. The story wouldn't have made sense otherwise.

Such as? Cloaked ships were continued to be used because they gave a consistant level of advantage - why continue to use a device that has a stated high level of energy consumption)?
Because the Romulans couldn't develop anything better.

And why continue to write it in if it does not motivate or enhance the drama?
It's Iconic to Trek, mainly.

Again, with all due respect ... can't really say that.
Like I said, I'm happy the Federation isn't the same bland Space Military Dictatorship most unoriginal sci-fi series use.
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