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I'm thinking this is going to be an unpopular opinion. But I think J.J. and gang were attempting to pay homage to TOS..a shout out if you will. I don't think they meant it in a malicious way or anything.

Maybe because I treat TOS and AOS has two totally separate, unrelated events, I am able to feel this way. I know that a bunch of you will be commenting on how this is not possible and then list all the reasons why. I watched TOS on its first run back in the 60's and am not in the least offended by J.J.'s version of events. He made a movie about hope, and how people come through a terrible ordeal/event and become a family and see all sides of a person and still love them.

I just think some people had their minds made up that anything but Roddenberry's trek is not trek..(everybody is entitled to their beliefs) so no matter what J.J. or anyone else did they wouldn't be happy.

That Trek ( for good or bad) is never coming back and if you don't care for the new trek then that is okay too...but really you should open your minds to change..because it is here..has been here...time to remember but move on.

I'm sorry if anyone is offended by this..I just felt like it is the elephant in the room and someone needed to say something.
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