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Re: Star Trek Needs a Gay Character and Here’s How to Do It

J. Allen wrote: View Post
Statistically speaking, Star Trek already has a number of gay characters. They're various members of the Enterprise crew, citizens of Earth, Vulcan, Romulus, and so on, and they serve in other areas of the Federation. You just don't know it because simply being gay isn't automatically some kind of openly telegraphed behavior, but they're there.
I would agree with you, but I cannot. Star Trek has been showing heterosexual relationships since "The Cage". What has NOT been shown are portrayals of gay relationships in the same manner.

I have stated in the numerous other "Star Trek needs gay characters" threads that is it relatively simple to do it right.
SCENE: Gay couple in quarters discuss their day on board ship. They are eating dinner, holding hands, having coffee or similar 'normal' activity when Red Alert sounds and Lt. Yellowshirt hugs Ensign Blueshirt, or says, "be safe, babe" as both rush to their respective stations.

No big deal, just a slice of life aboard a starship... just before the action starts.
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