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Re: They let me go....

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Warped 9, did they give you a recommendation letter? often when one is laid-off, as well as providing severance, a recommendation letter is included to help ease the transition to new employment.. If not, perhaps you can contact your manager to provide you one..
every little bit helps.. And get those resumes out only takes a few minutes to send em out via email...and it won't interfere with your father's care too much for you to do a low level job search while you digest all that's happened to you..

Good thoughts to you and your dad.. I'm pulling for you..
Thank you. Part of my situation is also living in a small town. I'm not really sure what the job situation will be like. Perhaps I can look into more unconventional options rather than more common positions most everyone will go for. It might take me a few days to get my bearings I think. Tomorrow I will go to Services Canada and inquire about applying for employment insurance benefits for the interim, something I haven't done for decades.
Good luck with Service Canada.

There have been numerous news reports how the waiting times for EI have gone up since the last federal election.

The only thing is they may require you to wait until your severance money runs out before putting you onto EI but maybe you can at least get the process started if the need arises you can get the money straight away rather than having to wait once the severance money runs out.
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