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Re: Janeways Ready Room

Oh I very much noticed the ostentatious and crazy huge ready room. Doesn't seem right for an Intrepid class ship.

One could argue a Galaxy class ship ready room versus an Intrepid class ready room versus Nebula class and so on. I don't know if strict comparisons would be workable.

A Galaxy class ready room is just that, a ready room for immediate bridge duty. A Galaxy class captain would also have a larger more formal office as well as work area in his quarters plus additional executive conference rooms and all kinds of facilities at his convenience. Maybe Picard had a dozen different work areas but preferred the ready room so we saw mainly that.

An Intrepid class captain may have to work with more limited facilities, with the ready room doubling as captain's formal office and work area. Hence one huge room rather than a half dozen individualized areas. Or something.

But yeah, it bothered me that Janeway has a huge spread over Picard's rather cramped space.
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