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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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If we invent new spaces previously unseen it's still entirely conjectural and open to debate and taste, once we integrate spaces seen in other "spin-offs" we'd reach a larger audience and it'll be more palatable...
First, it is already conjectural and open to debate and taste regardless if I use something that appears in a "spin-off". Would that space exist on the TOS Enterprise in the TOS continuity if we saw it on another ship that is from an unconfirmed-to-TOS-continuity? We don't know - thus we're guessing already.

Second, it is a slippery slope for me to do so that will take me outside of the scope of this project. If I incorporate "In A Mirror Darkly" or more closer to home "Trials and Tribblations", do I then accept the historical and technology implications that come with the Enterprise-continuity and/or DS9-continuity? I already include the TOS films (up to ST6) and that's as far as I'm willing to take it.

One of these days after I finish this project, I might take a shot at other continuities or try my hand at integrating an "ideal" version that has all the continuities blended to one.
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