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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Season 7

7x1-Fallen: As punishment(?) for his intended intervention on behalf of SG-1/Earth with Anubis Daniel Jackson is Descended(?) back to corporeal form. Removed of his memory on a planet unknown to SG-1. Until, Jonas whose been studying the tablet intensely stumbles upon a thought about The Ancients and their Lost City. He's able to deduce that they likely have the coordinates to the Lost City that contains the advanced weapons and tech. About this time a plan is devised with the Tok'ra to plant a fake tablet that Anubis will follow to the Lost City. The SCC intends to enlist Lord Yu's help in defeating Anubis. Anubis finds the tablet and indeed heads to the planet. Lord Yu does not arrive to help, shocker!, and while Daniel and Jonas had been waiting for the right moment on Anubis' ship to strike, when Yu appeared, they are instead stranded. With Jonas captured and Daniel fleeing in the vents.
Solid season opener I thought.

7x2-Homecoming: That Anubis is one dirty rotten scoundrel. After probing Jonas' mind he finds out his home world has a very lucrative stock of unstable naqradria(sp). The arrival of Anubis has coincided during cessations of the 3 main powers who've apparently been at war with each other. On the ship Daniel manages to free Jonas and they begin planning their escape. Meanwhile SG-1 is talking to the Gate occupied power, Jonas' people, the Celowans(sp). One of the Celowans makes a betrayal move and allies himself with Anubis in exchange for a crystal of information that has the process for stabilizing and enhancing the naqradria on their planet. During a firefight for the crystal Jonas takes a grazing shot meant to mortally take out Daniel. The other powers on the planet are informed about the Gate, how could they not be when a giant alien ship drops out of the atmosphere, and agree to work with Earth/SGC as long as Jonas is their liason.
One of the great things about this episode was that Jonas lives. JONAS LIVES!! Glad they avoided the cliche of killing him as I grew to like him as well. I hope that doesn't mean in 1-2 appearances later he's killed. Great nod to the title, a homecoming for both Daniel and Jonas. Great episode two-parter!!

7x3-Fragile Balance: LOKI!! Damn that god of mischief!! O'Neill is cloned but the clone fails to mature and is stuck as a 15/16yr old boy. Seems that O'Neill's DNA holds some great key to the Asgards problems but no one had taken action as Jack has become something of an untouchable rock star to their people. This doesn't stop Loki though while the other Asgards are busy dealing with the aftermath of the Replicators situation. It's revealed that Loki's procedure was so imperfect that "mini-me" Jack's DNA is breaking down and he will inevitably die. Thor eventually shows up, fixed the problem and now we essentially have two Jack O'Neill's running around. I found this unique twist on the "Freaky Friday" body swap type of stock episode to be uniquely well done. I do kinda wonder if we'll see teenage Jack ever again.

7x4-Orpheus: The episode starts with SG-1 in retreat from a Jaffa attack. Coming through the Gate Teal'C is blasted and severely injured. Daniel tries to help Teal'C recover from his injury by tapping into his time as an Ascended one. During this meditation a vision is had showing his son and Master Bratec being held in a concentration planet. A recovered Teal'C now as a reason to be and joins SG-1 on a mission to this planet that is uncovered after some usual last minute SG-1 maneuverings. The concentration camp is mining naquida to fuel a top level Gou'ald ship called Erebus. An assault led by Carter is made on the ship, sabotaging it's anti-grav units and that is used as a distraction by O'Neill and ground forces to fee the Jaffa prisoners. While a good episode on it's own it was the weaker of these 3, on any other disc it might've been the strongest. That's just how good the other 3 were, great opening disc for the season.
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