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Re: question re. Tuvok/Vorik

Peter David had a gay Vulcan in his New Frontier novels.

He mated out of season, Dr. Selar's brother, but I don't recall them telling me what happened when he hit the seven year itch... Of course I once read in a novel that the only reasons that Romulans don't go through pon far is that they have sex when ever they want and never create any seven year long dry spell.

of course Vulcans full up a planet and Romulans full up an empire, so it's clear that they breed lots.

However it's also been sid that the psychic powers are attached to the sexual chastity and logical focus... Which was kinda blown out of the water with al that Kirshara/melders are filthy abominations bunk in Enterprise.

So any Romulan that chose to go without sex until his body tries to commit suicide with get telepathic powers?

Then there's the question of life span?

Does the process of logical focus increase their life span or does pon far which is the equivalence of 15 heart attack in a single week, every seven years dramatically shorten their time in the universe... Romulans couldlive for 4 or five hundred years?
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