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if the spoilers are to be believed, STID will definitely connect with Trek lore so I guess the fans who've complained that it is too "action movie" and will not "feel" like Trek should have nothing to worry about.
The fans who enjoy complaining will still complain. The fans who say, "JJ, take me on an adventure!" will have fun!
I have observed that for the entire history of Star Trek films, there are always die hard Trekkers who can't be pleased.

What JJ has done is pretty monumental in that he's made the mythology accessible to people beyond the core fandom (people of my generation and your generation). My tumblr dashboard is filled up on a daily basis with the excited chatter of 18-25 year olds who became fans because of the '09 film, and are finding out about Trek for the first time and who are getting into watching the original series.

These people are on the edge of their seat looking forward to this movie. They are coming to the fandom without preconceived notions.

I think that's awesome.

I'm 38 and a life-long trek fan. My fiancee is 23 and a huge sci-fi fantasy fan (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, so on and so forth) but had never watched Star Trek.

I got her to watch the '09 movie first and she enjoyed it, so I then got her to watch Wrath of Khan, after which she was hooked, I've since gotten her to watch The Search for Spock, Generations and First Contact.

She's super-excited about Into Darkness and it's been awesome getting her involved in the fandom.
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