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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

Ahh yes the old "how far should they have gone thread"... to me there's no winner (except Paramount who rake in the bucks from putting BOTH versions on the Blu-Rays and charging a premium for the privilege) To me, on my HDTV, the new effects look great, the old effects are the ones that are jarring, but the fandamentalists will violently disagree
" ... Fandamentalist (noun, pl.); fans who violently believe the only valid interpretation of any entertainment source is a dogmatic adherence to their favorite version of that source. Any change to the smallest detail is inherently unacceptable (see also "heresy") and met with frantic scorn. See also Hal Jordan and Klingons, bumpy vs, smooth.
I also applaud the RESTRAINT used in the creation of the new effects to which the Fanboys will also violently disagree
fanboy (slang) Someone (normally male) who is utterly devoted to a
  1. single subject or hobby, often to the point where it is considered an obsession.
I disagree with some of the end results, they do look rushed in many cases (though not as rushed as the effects in "Space Above and Beyond" where many ships weren't even textured)

But as alluded to in other threads , CBS Digital was put between a rock and a hard place. the original effects were too poor for HD viewing so they almost had no choice but to redo the effects, and the effects they wanted to do wouldn't please the fanboys due to time, editorial decisions and cost constraints. What they did within the time and budget demanded is actually quite good, just as the original effects were for the time in which they were done (after all, they didn't have 2001's budget and they usually were very pressed for time)...
So my childhood or adulthood wasn't raped because they changed the effects..And for the most part I happen to enjoy the results, but as in all things, your mileage may vary.. Just remember, threads like these ALWAYS end up with pointless name calling...

I'm just waitin for the inevitable Godwining of the thread, after all we've had the triple K reference already...
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