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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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In any case its what we're left with because she'll likely never write any more books. At the time I just assumed she planned to resolve the situation in the next novel. Since there was never a resolution I always sort of imagined, like you said, oh well he just died. But I always thought she was just setting up the next book in the series.
Well, sure, but it's possible that what she was setting up was not the character's rescue, but the aftermath of his death. It's been a long time since I read it, but I think that was the vibe I got, that this was a done deal and its consequences would have to be lived with.

And either way, since this was the last story we got, I think it works as a definitive conclusion whether it was intended to be or not.
Yeah, and I wasn't necessarily saying the "resolution" would be his rescue, it might just have easily been his death. It seemed to me like it could have gone either way. The reason it was a good cliffhanger is, you don't know for sure.

Reminds me of The Best of Both Worlds cliffhanger- at the time, I really thought there was a good chance they might kill off Picard. (Saw a Jonathan Frakes interview yesterday where he said the cast at the time thought the same, thought that Stewart might be renegotiating his contract and might be killed off.) I think what made that such a good cliffhanger was, a Picard rescue did not seem like a sure thing.

And yes, that's on my mind right now because I'm going on Thursday.
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