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Re: question re. Tuvok/Vorik

Melakon wrote: View Post
I think there could be several possible reasons it worked for Tuvok. He's older and more experienced in Vulcan disciplines. He doesn't need to do the combat ritual, he just needs to get his rocks off.
Combat is not necessary for pon farr. It only occurred in Spock's case because T'Pring refused him.

Dal Rassak wrote: View Post
haha! I should've written "Tuvok and Vorik"... forgot that the / is commonly used to indicate a pairing... But actually, now I'm thinking, if the prospective partner doesn't absolutely have to be a Vulcan, do they absolutely have to be a female?
Not according to the thousands of Kirk/Spock fanfic stories.

Melakon wrote: View Post
A gay Vulcan almost sounds like mutually exclusive terms, depending on the definition of gay.
Some people are so sheltered when it comes to fanfic...

I'm not into the K/S subgenre of fanfic per se... I've read stories of varying quality, and I have to say that the absolute most disturbing "Spock goes through pon farr" story I ever read was when Spock was on a scientific expedition with his daughter, his wife was not there, and they were stranded on the planet. Spock ran out of time and his teenage daughter volunteered because it was the "logical" thing to do.
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