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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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The idea was expressed more than once and you know that, T'G. Star Trek IV for example:

Gillian: "Don't tell me, they don't use money in the 23rd century?"

Kirk: "Well, we don't."
But remember TheGoodNews, Kirk also spoke in one of the movies about having sold his house, the word "sold" has a very specific meaning in the English language. The word "money" on the other hand has a few different meanings. Kirk couldn't have meant no money in any form, because this would mean he couldn't have sold his house.

By no money Kirk could have meant nothing that could be used to pay for food and drink in the mid 1980's. Kirk: "Well, we don't ... use US Federal Reserve Notes, and we don't have a late twentieth century line of credit."

And we didn't see Gillian offering to pay that pizza and beer with cash.
Given that she invited him, she should have been the one to pay in the first place.

She may have been pulling out her Visa or MasterCharge, i.e. using credit not cash.
I don't think they showed what she was digging for in her purse.

... Visa or MasterCharge, i.e. using credit not cash
I'm not exactly sure the point you trying to make here. Credit cards are a form of payment.

Gillian has a line of credit with the card issuer, the merchant's account instantly received payment when the card was accepted (money), Gillian later reimbursed the card issuer's account (money again).

Electronic financial transfers (money).

And the moneyless concept was repeated on Star Trek DS9:
Jake: "... I don't have any money," which is a strange thing for Jake to say, what happen to the money he did have only a few episodes back? You know, when Jake (the Human) did have money.

Kirk didn't have to pay a thing for Uhura's drinks.
Uhura: "And a shot of Jack straight up."
Kirk: "Make that two, shots on me."
Uhura: "Her shot's on her, thanks but no thanks."

Kirk didn't have to pay a thing for Uhura's drinks, because Uhura was paying for her own.

CaptainStoner wrote: View Post
Of all the strange new worlds Star Trek explores, it's the non-capitalist future, without poverty, that people have the most trouble with.
Not in my case, I have far more trouble with different alien species being able to have children with each other.

In the supposed culturally advanced Trek universe, there is a utter absence of gays, this really troubles me to the core. The main character's sexualities are accounted for, none are gay.

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