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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

So there's no possibility that data's fuel cell is powered by human eyes?

Data has the souls/memories of the entire colony he was "born" on in side his brain.

Sure them all dying is something that just happened, and they barely survived the extraction process like some of us barely survive blowing our noses.

From Silicone Avatar.
MARR: I'd heard that you'd been programmed with the experiences of the colonists, but frankly I find it hard to believe. Bridge.
DATA: It is true, Doctor. The contents of their logs and journals were transferred into my memory cells. The man who created me also experimented with scanning the synaptic patterns of the colonists' temporal lobes and programming them into my neural nets.
MARR: You possess their thoughts?
DATA: To some degree. Doctor Soong hoped to provide me with an amalgam of the colonists' memories.
MARR: Interesting.
Without the 150 colonists donating their minds to the Data experiment, he would not have become a real boy... And how do we know that these lives were freely donated, when it's just as likely that Soong raped his friends while they slept or leveraged them with some kind of blackmail, or even "paid" for some of the colonists minds in so that data's birth was the result of prostitution.

They might have been happy that they made data, but if these colonists who also most probably built up Lore's soul too had survived, they would have damn well asked for their souls back from that murderous asshole.
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