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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

There is something known as ahybrid, where parts of two gentically distict individuals are combine to create a new. So if we create a new plant i.e a wheat planet that can survive in more arid regions. Is that not still a living organism?

So in "Tuvix" we have organism 1 Tuvok and organism 2 Neelix which are combined tocreate a new organsim. True in nature the orginals are generally not lost.

Now the closest case we've seen on ST that might come close is "Measure of a Man"

And on determing if Data was a life form or not we had three criteria

3.>Consciouness (aka a Soul)

Well Tuvix was definatly Intelligent, he seemed self-aware as for the 3rd point just as in the case with Data it can't be proven. But Data was at least granted the right to explore that possibility.
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