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That's a good possibility given where Scotty ends up after that.

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If you are going to use elements from the prime reality, at least get the elements right. Khan was a Sikh. He governed a region of territory in either Africa or Asia. Instead, we get a Caucasian. This s**t was tolerable in the past; it's less so now. And, now, if the info is correct, we have another date point for the Eugenics War, these wars occurred in the 1950s. (300 years before 2259.)
Khan was played by a Mexican man who didn't look remotely Sikh. His followers were originally multi-ethnic but became Aryan supermen by the time of TWoK. The precious canon can survive a tweak here and there every now and then.

Given his genetically engineered DNA, it's possible that Khan might not look anything like what his heritage would suggest anyway.

As far as the 300 years thing goes, people tend to just round it off when you get into bigger numbers like that. It doesn't have to mean precisely 300 years.
You are right about Ricardo Montalban being born in Mexico, but his parents were born in Spain.

The Genetic Enhancement Project was started 1959.
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